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Stand out with a strategic and impact-driven E-commerce website that compels your users to join your cause, support your business, and share your products! 


Our Services

Sales Platform Development, Optimization & Automation


E-commerce websites 

Build an online commerce machine with a website and platform that drives sales and increases conversions. We excel in building Wordpress, Shopify and Wix websites.


UI/UX design 

Your user's experiene is important to us. We build UI/UX designs with the customer's journey in mind. We prioritize your customer's delight and engagement on your website. 



Ensure your website is showing up on Google! We optimize your website and draft a strategic plan to get you ranking on search engines in no time!


Conversion Rate Optimization 

Don't settle for a website that does not educate, engage, delight or sell. Improving your site's experience to actually convert your customers is how great e-commerce empires thrive.


E-commerce marketing 

PPC (Pay per click) campaigns designed to optimize your budget and deliver your ads to your highest converting customers. We offer Google ad campaigns, SEM, Meta campaigns and more.


Website automation

Make your webiste work for you! Automate your order fulfilment, data tracking, popups , data collection and more with cutting edge solutions to make your e-commerce store smarter!

Case Study

Be The PPL

When Be The PPL approached us, their mission was clear: to establish a clothing ecommerce brand that prioritized diversity and offered an inclusive platform for all. Aware of the significance of their objective, we set out to address the hurdles they encountered.

Our strategy began with a thorough website redesign, aligning it with Be The PPL's ethos of inclusivity. The new design prioritized a user experience that was both welcoming and accessible, ensuring that each visitor felt acknowledged and valued. This redesign laid the groundwork for us to implement product optimization techniques. Collaborating closely with Be The PPL, we paid meticulous attention to every aspect of the website content. This included ensuring that product descriptions and imagery genuinely mirrored the mission of Be The Ppl. 


Overall, our focus was on spotlighting the array of available products, thoughtfully categorizing and presenting them to cater to individual tastes and preferences. 

Screenshot 2023-08-09 at 8.38.19 PM.png


Total Sales Revenue in launch week


Increase in Sales


Increase in Mobile Sales

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Meet Kira

Our lead digital strategist and e-commerce consultant is obsessed with helping entrepreneurs, businesses and organization get  online. As an E-commerce strategist, she finds every possible way to improve E-commerce websites and maximize their performance. 

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