Content is the Kingdom : 3 Visual Tools For Thought Leadership

You know the saying “Content is King?” Well we believe it is the Kingdom. Not only does it rule, its presence has the ability to take your business to the next level; not with just any content but informative content that establishes a business as a thought leader.


Most businesses today have websites, brands, cool staff and even the hottest products but we believe the biggest differentiator for any business is its ability to provide information that is meaningful for its audience. In a world that is so heavily saturated with content, it might be difficult to strike the right balance and win the hearts and minds of customers. We believe customers are more prone to buy from businesses if they receive insights and information that is relevant to their personal lives. Thought leadership isn’t for the faint of heart. It involves heavy research and really understanding what your customers want to read about. In a distracted world its not enough to just have the numbers and stats, business must endeavor to have the right visuals that keep readers engaged. Here are 3 visual tools business can use to become thought leaders:


Successful businesses use infographic to share large numbers, pieces of information and findings with their audiences.


Data can be confusing and overwhelming. Let’s face it, unless you really loved math class in high school, a bunch of numbers on a page can be quite scary, Infographics make these numbers easy to understand and will transform any dry data into a fun reading experience. Infographics takes readers on a journey into your data findings. With colorful charts and graphs, cool photos or illustrations, numbers don’t seem as scary. it’s also important that infographics stick to a single topic and are branded to fit your business.

Blog Posts

Guess what ? You’re reading a blog post right now. Isn’t this fun? I’m sure something that we posted caught your eye and that’s why you’re here learning about thought leadership. Blog posts do exactly that- they attract the customers who are looking not only to purchase from you but to learn from you. The more you post, the better your chances are of becoming an expert in your respective field. Write about anything that’s relevant to your audience and share it in an exciting way.


This can be done using impressive or funny photos, GIFs and videos. If you’re a daycare center, you can tailor the content of your blog for new moms and new dads and write articles on changing diapers or post funny photos of the first day of school. The choices are endless.

Email Blasts

Okay so you get hundreds of emails a day but which ones do you really read? Customers are paying attention to emails that help them grow as humans not just customers. To stand out in email, you can either rotate content or include it in your offerings, For example, if you’re a store owner instead of constantly blasting out emails of your products, try engaging your audience with an article or insights on sustainable fabrics in every other email blast. If you’re a car care provider, you can send an article about winter safety along with your 15% discount. The key here is to present your offerings while also giving away free knowledge that is helpful to your audience.

We hope you enjoyed reading this overview on thought leadership. If you need any help creating any of these, our team is here to chat. Contact us now to set up some time to chat.