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4 Tasks Entrepreneurs Should Outsource to Build a Better Business

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

In 2023, technology plays a central role in the success of any small business. Hence, as a small business owner, you need to work with the best professionals to ensure that all tech-related projects are managed well and provide the intended benefits. But, hiring an in-house team of developers and IT professionals is expensive and within the budget of all small businesses. But don’t fret, as outsourcing is an effective and cost-effective option that can be leveraged to take your business to the next level. In this article, we’ll explore some key tech- related tasks which can be outsourced by small businesses in 2023.

Hire a Website Development Agency

While there are a host of drag-and-drop website creators on the market, they do not provide ample back-end assistance to ensure that the website works as well as it looks. As your business grows, the server load and traffic will increase as well, resulting in the need for a dedicated website maintenance team. However, not all small businesses have the in-house expertise and budget to manage the scale of this project; hence, the best option is to outsource website development to an agency, who will ensure the website is user-friendly, adaptable to various screen sizes, is optimized based on search engine algorithms and maintains a near 100% up-time.

Work with a Professional Coder

Even though working with agencies is beneficial in many ways, it’s always best to have a dedicated tech professional who represents the best interests of your company. Hence, you can consider hiring a coder/full-stack developer who can oversee crucial projects such as website development, app development, and other IT-related tasks. Additionally, if you have prior coding experience, however, feel that you’re currently out of touch with recent developments, there are a host of online resources that you can use to get up-to-date and become hands-on with tech- related projects.

Use a Unified E-commerce Platform

In addition to using physical and online retailers, selling products through your own website has become the norm, as is something most customers expect from brands they follow, according to Ecommerce Platforms. Hence, setting up e-commerce functionality on your website will be key and should be a mandate provided to your website development agency. But, when it comes to tracking performance and ensuring your e-commerce activities work seamlessly, consider using a unified e-commerce platform that allows you to create intuitive, engaging, and personalized shopping experiences for all customers. Additionally, it provides advanced options such as inventory management, data analysis of sales, abandoned cart rates, and a host of other key metrics. Here is a resourceful link for small business owners wanting to learn more about solutions related to commerce.

Hire a Formation Service

For businesses that are on the verge of entering the growth phase, it is crucial to have the correct business structure i.e. a Limited Liability Company. However, registering the business as an LLC requires a ton of paperwork and will not be the best use of your time. Hence, you should consider partnering with a formation service that will evaluate the performance of your business and future goals and undertake the responsibility of establishing an LLC in line with local and federal level regulations, as reported by Outsourcing tech-related tasks has become an essential aspect of small business operations in 2023. It is cost-effective and allows businesses to work with external professionals who can deliver the intended project-based benefits. Working with website development agencies and professional coders, using a unified e-commerce platform, and hiring a formation service are some of the key tasks that small businesses can outsource to professionals.

As technology continues to evolve rapidly, small business owners should be aware of the latest trends and leverage outsourcing to stay ahead of the competition, and following the strategies mentioned in this article will help you do just that!

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