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Let's Make A Difference Together.

In a world where businesses are seen merely as profit engines, IconiQ dares to be different. We're not just about transactions; we're about transformation. With every project completed, a portion of our profits are gifted to those who need it most within our local communities.

But this isn't just our mission—it can be yours too. Every time you choose IconiQ, you're not just investing in a product or service, you're investing in change. You're becoming an ally, supporting the upliftment of those less fortunate and reinforcing the fabric of our society.

Our commitment transcends business; it's about creating ripples of positive change. It's about understanding that true success isn't measured by profit margins, but by the difference we can make in the lives of those around us.

Causes that need our help:



Marijuana Justice stands as a dedicated advocate, championing the rights of families disproportionately impacted by the war on drugs. Their unwavering mission revolves around rectifying past injustices and providing a voice to those who have suffered unjustly. With a strong belief in the power of collective action, Marijuana Justice is a beacon of compassion and change.

Supporters like you hold the key to transformation. By contributing to Marijuana Justice, you directly empower initiatives that offer legal aid, education, and essential resources to these affected families.


In a world often seen through the prism of adulthood, a spark of inspiration emerged from the imagination of a remarkable 12-year-old: Adeyemi. In the year 2019, Adeyemi toyed with various business concepts, stowing them away for a later day. But the winds of fate swirled, and the world underwent a seismic transformation. The pandemic's grip tightened, shrouding the globe in somber hues of despair. Yet, amid this turbulent landscape, young Adeyemi's unwavering spirit and his affinity for fashion converged, birthing a new endeavor.

Enter LESH, a clothing venture woven with purpose. Rooted in a determination to transcend self-interest, LESH beckons us to broaden our perspectives and embrace the needs of others. Through threads of purposeful design, it challenges us to ponder our place in the world and how we can contribute to its betterment.

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Black Freedom Collective

The Black Freedom Collective (BFC) is a dynamic coalition on a resolute mission. This growing alliance unites Black-led community organizing groups from every corner of the nation, bound by a common commitment: to cultivate and nurture the sustainable economic, social, and cultural infrastructure of Black communities.


Within the heart of the Black Freedom Collective beats a force of change, an embodiment of unity and purpose. Guided by a shared vision, these groups collaborate to uplift, empower, and create lasting impact. It's a symphony of resilience, echoing across the nation, as the BFC paves the way for a future where every voice is heard, every community thrives.

IconiQ is a for-profit company that is dedicated to giving back. We do not track or benefit from nonprofit proceeds.

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