TIP TUESDAY: How To Create Blurred Backgrounds In Canva [ Tutorial Video]

For the design enthusiasts out there, this one is for you! The advent of successful design DIY platforms such as Canva has equipped business owners and organization leaders with easy tools to be able to create designs for themselves. I'm one of those people who also utilize this platform and while I use Adobe Creative suite for heavier design jobs, I cannot overlook the simplicity of using Canva as a tool for smaller in-house projects. One of my favorite tricks that makes this process delightful is creating blurred backgrounds. Blurred background make the objects of any photo stand out delightfully and add a unique element of perspective that helps the eye focuses on the object. I strongly recommend using blurred backgrounds for product photos and focused headshots to enhance the photos quality and attractiveness. Simply put, customers will fall in love with your products. Here's a fun tutorial on how you can do this in Canva: