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Keep Your Audience Engaged: 3 Effective Content Strategies In The Age of Covid-19

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Covid-19 has shaken our worlds and businesses/organizations are left in uncertainty as they struggle to maintain a grip over their existing ventures. With quarantining as our new (hopefully temporary) lifestyle, content has become increasingly important and is arguably the primary main mode of messaging and entertainment for our lives indoors. Here are three content strategies to adopt in the age of Covid-19 :

1. Put A Positive Spin on Staying At Home

Examine your client/stakeholders/customer perspective by exploring what it means to stay indoors. How can being indoors can help them be more productive or enhance their lives? Use what you have and explore ways in which they can be tailored to our new virtual world. Here are a few examples: If your business/organization is focused on education and you're an interior designer, show teachers ways in which they can update their personal spaces to become more kid-friendly on video.

If you're a fashion designer, host a virtual fashion show by shipping items of clothings to models and having them post videos of catwalks in your designs. If you're a bartender, offer classes on how to make drinks such as a "quarantini" or a "stay home ciroc".

In building your content strategy, ask yourself these important questions:

  • Who are my clients/stakeholders/customers?

  • What would they be doing under quarantine?

  • How would they interact with my products/services/mission virtually?

  • What tools do they/I already have to make a virtual experience?

  • How can I make this fun and exciting for them?

2. Repurpose What You Read or Hear to Inspire Clients/Stakeholders on Social Media

Reading during lockdown? Good for you! Now let's make it work for your business. Whenever you pick up a book, article or magazine take the opportunity to practice some active reading. When you come across a line, paragraph or quote that might be inspiring for a client/stakeholder, highlight it. Later compile them and share them on social media.

How about movies? Are you binge watching all day and feeling guilty? Here's how to integrate it into your content strategy: Whenever you find an uplifting line in a movie, jot it down then spread out those lines into different posts for your social media. As with all quotes, make sure you give credit in your posts. You can even tag the actresses, actors, authors or movie directors to get more traffic on your post.

3. Create Virtual Challenges To Keep Customers Engaged

Now that we're all home, we're surrounded by opportunities to embrace our unique talents and gifts. As a business/organization owner, you can nudge your clients off the couch by creating challenges to keep them reminded of their outstanding abilities. Gym owners can do home push up challenges where the winner gets a free week of membership when they re-open. Restaurants can also get in on the fun. Get your audience to recreate some of your special recipes at home with a downloadable digital recipe from your website. Make sure you urge them to post their results.

Need help creating content ideas for your business or building out social media templates? Chat with our team.


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