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4 Video Content Ideas to Boost Social Media Traffic

Updated: Oct 17, 2022


Videos are an ever increasing and popular tool to use in distributing content. In fact, "64% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos" (tubularinsights) . Need more reasons to use video? "A huge 85% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool, with 92% of marketers agreeing that it’s an important part of their strategy. ”(Don’t Panic London)

However, with the use of video comes great responsibility. Video ads aren’t just about presenting a product but about how a business shows they can address the customers/stakeholder pain points as well as being personable - an added bonus to growing your customer/stakeholder base.

What makes sense to your audience is having the business they’re interested in have a real understanding of their problems, showing that understanding and solving them all in ways that are engaging and meaningful.

Present your services/offerings

Okay so you’ve got a really cool service or a mission and granted they are written out in text format in a document or on your website. What if we told you that each paragraph you use to explain a service/cause is actually great content for a short video. For example, if you offer 3 types of photography services, make 3 different short videos explaining each service. Thats 3 pieces of content from one block of text. Look into other written pieces that you have and see how you can turn them into videos. Making video content for social media, specifically Instagram and TikTok, requires you to condense your information into really short time blocks. To keep your videos short, drill down to the most important aspects of your service/mission and cut out all the jargon. Don’t forget to add some upbeat music too!

Post Authentic IG Stories

Followers go crazy for real time experiences and often want to know who the real people are behind the company handles and using IG stories is a great opportunity to do so. It’s not enough just to post and hashtag. In fact, to ensure users are getting quality content, Instagram often changes its algorithm. Beat the algorithm by being authentic. Show your followers what’s going on behind the scenes at your office. If you don’t have an office, show your followers your creative space. Got a friendly dog? Make him your mascot. Got really cool desk items? Show them off ! There’s no magic to this madness, just a little sprinkle of creativity.

Post transitional content

We know you work really hard and are great at what you do. Most customers/stakeholders only see the end results. Give your followers the behind the scenes look at what it's like to really be part of your business/organization. Show them what your process looks like, where you started and where you are now. Also give them first hand visuals on what it’s like to start from the bottom and succeed. There's something about a "grass to grace" story that makes your audience want to personally invest. Share your journey and you'll see how your audience becomes attached to you

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