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3 Great Places To Find Authentic Content Ideas

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

We all know finding good content is a little tricky these days. However, the content you may need might just be right under your nose. Here are three really good places to find authentic content ideas:

1. Ever feel like you've had to address the same customer questions over and over again? Try addressing them in a fun way by creating a visually appealing blog or social media post. With this strategy you'll end up not only addressing issues once and for all but you'll be able to share the content with whoever needs it hundreds of times and give your customers an added learning experience.

Additional Tip* Always archive these types of posts in your knowledge base, FAQ's, Help Desk or Resources Page

2. Numerous books/articles have been published for every type of customer. Granted, your customers may not have time to read especially if they're always on the go. Share an excerpt with them. It'll show that you're listening to their needs and give them an added resource that you may not be able to provide. For example if your customers are new moms and maybe you make bottles for babies, even though you may not know the first thing about having twins, you can share excerpts from a book about raising twins.

3. We love a good upcycle. So you've got some blog posts from 2008 and you don't know if you should archive them. Put them to good use by re editing them for the current times, you'd be surprised at how many ideas can be refreshed to fit the need of today's customers. This is will save you so much time in writing blog posts.

Thats all folks!

Need help creating content? Get in touch with our team. We'll help you create more content, upcycle your old ones or design amazing templates.


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