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Passion Focused, Purpose Driven & Obsessed With Empowering People

Hi! I'm Eseosa a Brand Strategist, Marketing Consultant and the founder of IconiQ Creative Group. I help people like you grow your business or organization by leveraging the power of strategic branding and design.

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At the tender age of 11, I was told to follow in her grandfather's footsteps and become an international lawyer. As a young adult, I ended up receiving a bachelor's degree in international relations with a plan to accelerate my entrance into law school by pursuing a Master's degree in public administration.  After college, I began working at a Real Estate Law Firm, started grad school and began studying for the LSATS (Law School Admissions Tests). I quickly rose to upper management roles where I directed company operations and became heavily immersed in business management, marketing, technology, creativity and branding. I also became the marketing director at a local church where I created outreach campaigns, ran events and designed, developed and managed the church website. Talk about busy! It was near the completion of my Master's degree that I felt increasingly torn between my childhood decision to become a lawyer and a huge growing passion for business and creativity​. "Creativity had a much bigger pull that I had anticipated... I wouldn't trade this for anything else in the world. " (Check out my speech at WIX's Hack The Hood Graduation Ceremony) Eventually, I decided to say goodbye to my legal ventures and took up certification courses in graphic design, branding, marketing and business management.

Over a 3 year period, my career exploded. Opportunities that came my way threw me into rigorous creative direction and marketing management roles that allowed me to successfully execute hundreds of projects for companies in the fashion, hospitality, real estate, education, government and non-profit sectors all over the world - a total of $15M in project assets were created, executed and managed.While in corporate America, I fell in love with small businesses who desperately needed creative help but couldn't afford it. I saw an avenue where I could help them scale up while also providing quality design. It was a win win. I made it official and ended up forming IconiQ Creative Group. I would later leave the corporate world to focus full time on IconiQ. 

Here I am years later offering my  experience directly to you. I too took a wild journey to get here so I know exactly how it feels to be in your shoes. You want  your clients and stakeholders to notice you without breaking the bank. I can help by lending my strategic mind to your creative vision, helping you untangle the nuances that come with branding and creating a clear plan that works in your favor. Let's talk about your next project.