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ZIDE is an on-demand premier fleet care company that merges technology with a driver force to manage company fleets through transport services. Zide improves company efficiencies, reduce costs, and provides convenience to its customers through its collection of proprietary data aimed at anticipating delivery, service needs and beyond.

The Challenge

Zide is a powerful national brand in the process of reinventing itself. Their passion for customer service and detail oriented processes positioned them perfectly to appeal to local and international fleet owners. Their playful brand style expertly highlighted the company's unique competitive offerings but the owners believed it didn't send the right message to their more serious prospects. Our challenge? Merge play and power concepts to create brand appeal.

The Process

Andy Belle, Zide's CEO desired a new brand feeling of edginess, cleanliness and boldness which we thought were highly indicative of his management style. We wanted to incorporate those traits by combining this powerful new brand message with its already fun features. As a new company we couldn't afford to lose the logo since it was already making massive waves in the media. Instead we would take the key elements of the logo, translate it further through black and steel concepts and transplant it across the company's website and pitch material

The Results

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