South Bronx Luxury Real Estate

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South Bronx Luxury Real Estate provides a high level of brokerage service and expertise to ensure you find your ideal property to buy or rent in the Bronx.

The Story

South Bronx Luxury offerings go far beyond brokerage. Not only is SB Luxe dominating the south Bronx residential apartment sphere with its real estate services but it's also a lifestyle brand for the region. With this unique and first of its kind offering package, it was imperative that the company branded itself with modern elements that would appeal to hits high end consumer base.

The Content

Luxury and intelligence were the central themes for this project. We selected custom creative that isn't overdone. We believe this would resonate with a high end audience while still encouraging the feel of an elegant home. Our research showed that the the recent changes to the south Bronx had increased its popularity. This empowered us to be bolder and more forthcoming with our content across all the digital marketing channels

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