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Darabox is an African snack kit company bringing the taste of home whenever it is requested. The company specializes in snack kit deliveries to homes, offices and college dorms

The Story

DaraBox knew it had a strategic advantage in its market simply because it catered to a specialized and hyper focused crowd. It was within this hyperfocus that DaraBox realized they needed some help speaking the language of its customers. With ideas in mind and difficulties trying to present them,the company reached out to us and tasked us with a familiar project we've known how to do since our own conception: build the brand from scratch.

The Content

While we see African patterns as colorful and exciting, we did not want to distract from the most colorful aspect of the product, THE FOOD. So we chose simplicity over patterns for the logo. We reflect this in our content on the social media page as well as the project's preliminary photoshoot.The central themes of this project were founded on bold, edgy, and carefully colorful concepts

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