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Consultancy in Africa Services is a multifunctional consulting firm with global experience in institutional development, financial advising, project monitoring, and capacity building.

The Challenge

Since its establishment in 1991, Consultancy in Africa Services (CAS) Ltd. has become an industry leader with 25 years on the scene and numerous project awards from the World Bank and local governments. CAS was determined to make a lasting brand impact for the next level of its development services. As an African based project management firm, CAS needed to appeal to its broader international base. With the name Africa in its name, it almost seemed like the company had already decided where it would focus. How could we cater to the company's desired diverse audience?

The Process

What already seemed like an impossible task, turned out to be quite the experience. We decided we couldn't simply ignore "Africa" when it was blended into the Company's DNA. We manipulated CAS name hundreds of times until we saw it right in our face, Consultancy in Africa Services would be know as CAS while still keeping its visual brand intact. Short sweet and subtle was the motive as we built a cleaner, more efficient and worldly brand.

The Results

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